Saturday, 12 May 2012

Baby, toddler, daddy 'n me!

Life has its ups and downs but I really don't have much to complain about. The good news is I am down 10lbs. Having surgery on my hernia seemed to kick start my metabolism.

While I lose weight Owen picks it up. The little guy is the same weight his sister was at 9months. It is lovely having a chubby child.

A friend and I had a discussion on how it isn't fair that the things we find cute in babies isn't the same as the things we find cute on adults. Nobody says, "what a cute roll of fat you have" or "aww, you gassy little person.". And if I puked on someone I know they wouldn't just smile and shrug it off. Children have it good. Drooling, farting, and fat is cute. Why does t have to change?

I know this post is random but I've been away from blogging again so my thoughts are very random.

Dassa is doing well. I still struggle in my faith to believe she is well but I think in the case of her allergies I do need to trust God. Potty training isn't going so well either. She has all the signs she is ready save the desire to go in her potty.

Daddy is doing well and as I mentioned him in my title I thought I better mention him in the post. He is outside cutting down trees.

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  1. Nate and I have often mentioned that too. How some many things we praise babies for we would 'tisk, tisk' in an adult. Like when was the last time someone praised you for using the bathroom by yourself :) I am not sure what age this all changes but sometimes I miss being "cute"