Saturday, 1 June 2013

My Dandelion Dilemma

Here is the thing. I don't hate Dandelions. Not even a little bit. I actually love them. hating Dandelions goes against how I feel but is acceptable by most people. We are supposed to hate Dandelions. But I never have and have just realized I may never.

My first memory of the happy little flowers was when I "discovered" this beautiful, new flower under a picnic table when I was small. I picked them really fast and rushed into the house to offer them to my mother as a gift. And I remember her being as pleased as me with this wonderful flower and placing then in a vase on the windowsill. I can only assume now they were the first Dandelions of that year. I don't remember noticing when there became more and more. My next memory of them is no one liking them and them being called weeds. But every year I was secretly thrilled when they first became to bloom.

Perhaps I would hate them if I gardened or cared about my lawn. I have no desire to have a flawless lawn. Or if I was allergic to the fluff when they go to seed. Or if I was a farmer bringing in crops. But none of those things apply to me and I have realised. I can't hate something for someone else. I love Dandelions. I think they are happy and summery. I think they add beauty to the green landscape. Another colour to embrace. And I love when my daughter picks them and when my son grips one in his hand like it is a treasure.

I thank God for the Dandelions in my life.

Monday, 25 February 2013


I have a lot of projects in progress. Some that date back to my teen years. That doesn't stop me from starting new ones. Right before Christmas I bought a table and chairs set to replace my existing one. This one better matches my "shabby chic" kitchen. One chair is almost done except for the Varnish. Leaving that until last in case I hate it.
My mom finished the first chair for me i used an electric sander on the seat and back. The rest was a heat gun and hand sander. Then we even the wood by rubbing acrylic brown paint in(had sanded with a dremel on one side and is was quite noticeable.). Everything was white washed over with acrylic white paint except for the seat which we left stained by the brown paint. It will match the tabletop.
What do you think?

Monday, 11 February 2013


I'm going to get eye laser surgery and I am scared. I'm not scared of it going horribly wrong. I'm scared my passing out will return. I almost fainted getting my spinal having O and It just isn't a nice experience. Of course, if I faint during the consultation I may have it out of my system! Kind of like I did when they were reading me the disclaimer for my wisdom teeth. Apparently I missed the part about permanently losing feeling in half my tongue... For this procedure I keep reminding myself I have had two pregnancies ending in c-sections and a hernia repair without actually fainting. Yay for me! And those things are a lot more involved than this.

Something to look forward to when I got is seeing family and buying a new wardrobe. Apparently I need knew clothes (attached photo).

Something I know I should look forward to but I'm not is leaving my babies at home. They have had sleep overs at the grandmothers' places and I've even went a couple days. But a week of being farther than 30 miles from them is hard. But clothes shopping and having surgery with a 1 and 2 year old is even harder.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Aspartame- Evil or Good?

I would vote neither, unless you suffer with Migraines. Until recently that is. While I don't buy the whole hype against Aspartame as a lot of it is based on people over indulging on it and would require over the top consumption, I have recently been reading studies from both sides on it and there is one thing that has turned me away from aspartame.

"They" claim that it does not cause headaches/ migraines. They even go as far to say if you get one it is a placebo effect. Ummmm....

so your telling me that as a child when I got headaches after a fresco and had no idea Aspartame was supposed to be bad for you I was having a placebo effect?


I remember when my mother and I first linked the migraines to Aspartame. Mom had accidentally bought sugar free ice cream. I had a big dish of it and very shortly after had the sharpest, most severe migraine I had had to date. I remember grabbing my head and crying. I told my mom it felt very close to when I would drink a fresco only more severe this time. That was when we realized that Aspartame and me didn't mix well.

I have had other occurrences since then. When I would drink a diet pop because I decided it was in my head (well duh, that is where migraines happen). Or most recently when I was eating the chewy Gravol ginger candies while pregnant with O. Was having a persistent migraine. While sitting reading the box (I tend to read things when I am waiting) I learned that there was Aspartame in them.

This could have been all coincidence I am sure. I suffer with migraines. Air pressure being a big problem. And probably many other triggers I have such as stress, lack of sleep and O screaming all day. But, I know I am "allergic" even though the company may try to discredit people actually having a migraine from their product.

Because of this I don't trust them. Or the FDA. Or Health Canada. And if they try to cover this up you got to wonder how many other wackjobs and conspirators are actually right in their wildly ridiculous claims.

My conclusion on Aspartame before this was if you didn't get migraines don't worry about it. Don't believe all the hype against it... because seriously some of it is complete bullocks. Now my conclusion is pretty much the same except I say don't consume it. Not until they decide to admit that yes, some people can react negatively to it.

And if we "do everything in moderation"... I'd say enjoy sugar in all it's goodness... in moderation... like I said...

Monday, 10 December 2012

My bright idea(s)

In the last week I had to ideas. One I can't share just yet (but I want to!) and the other was concerning potty training my daughter.

I always have ideas. Some good some bad and some that never make it past the idea stage. But these two ideas have paid off, at least so far. And that is a good feeling.

My potty training idea had to do with the reward system and dog training (I know, so terrible). I was reading this article about how people take their dogs for a walk and the dog takes forever to do its business This is because every time the dog goes the walk is done and the dog has learned this. Owners think the dog needs to play to "work it out" but he doesn't. He just has learned if he poos fun time is over. Instead, you stay in one place and wait however long it takes for the dog to go. Then you let him run and play. Soon he will go quickly and you can have a scheduled amount of frolic time.

Now, you might be wondering how on earth I applied this to my daughter. I can't exactly crate her or not let her play. and treats didn't motivate her at all. No, i took something from her she constantly asks for. I took tv. And if she pees or poos in the potty she gets to watch 1 show.

Tuesday we put it into effect and had many tears because she "no want potty" and she "want 't'.

Wednesday was a bust until after peeing her pants she sat on her potty and had a poo. I think I teared up a little. Then an hour later she had another pee.

Thursday was a town day with some success in the evening.

Friday was a write off because of parties and townday

Saturday another party but sone success in the evening.

Sunday Daddy had some success

And today while we had some wetting of the drawers (she hasn't quite learned to tell before she starts peeing but she sure can stop it) she did everything in the toilet and was dry through her nap.

God is good.

As to the other idea you'll just have to wait and see.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

My small victory

I did it. I am now under 130lbs and happy with my weight. I am not happy with my saggy skin but knowing I lost my baby weight is a wonderful feeling.

For me the biggest thing was moderation. Not cutting things out and then bingeing but cutting back. The biggest thing I cut back on was portion size and carbs. I used to have a large portion of potatoes now I just consciously choose to take less potatoes and more meat and veggies. I was inspired by the documentary fathead but didn't take it that far.

Now that I have basically stopped breastfeeding it has helped. While the breastfeeding does help you lose weight it made me hungry all the time and I would have to mentally portion control in order to not over eat. My appetite has been curbed now and I find I am just not hungry. I take my small portion telling myself I can have seconds and usually I don't even want seconds. I even pass up more of my favourite foods.

I know God has helped me a lot and we all need to find our own ways of weight control. I am glad I found mine. It hasn't been easy but I feel good and I can't wait to get back on my horse!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

My Hairy Legs

If you remember I tried out epilating in order to combat my itchy legs. And then I tried not shaving. I epilated once since then, in the summer, and haven't removed the hair from my legs since.
My legs still itch around my ankles but I know they are improved. Epilating is fine but I just never seem to get to it. Shaving definitely aggravates so that is out.

I've often said I wished I was apart of a culture that didn't push smooth legs. Where hairy legs on a woman didn't garner a second look. And then I realized it doesn't matter. There truly is nothing wrong with leg hair. It doesn't take away from my looks. Now that it is frown out it doesn't it. And my husband doesn't care. So why should I shave my legs? Yes, I do prefer shaved legs. I love that silky soft feel when you first shave but let's be honest, it doesn't last long (though it does last longer with epilating.) I am also pretty sure the only reason I prefer shave legs is because that is how we are raised. It is our culture.

I don't think there is anything wrong in shaving your legs. But what started as a fad as become a necessity. Have hairy legs and someone might notice. Didn't have time to shave and wear pants to hide that.

I've decided to change my thinking. It really is easy to do in the winter when you don't wear shorts. I will keep my leg hair. There is nothing "gross" about it.

Before I even made this decision I went to the pool with unshaved legs. Forgot all about them and didn't notice any stares guess when you aren't being self conscious it helps.

Now, let's see if I can pull this off. Or if I can change my thinking concerning my armpits as well...