Monday, 11 February 2013


I'm going to get eye laser surgery and I am scared. I'm not scared of it going horribly wrong. I'm scared my passing out will return. I almost fainted getting my spinal having O and It just isn't a nice experience. Of course, if I faint during the consultation I may have it out of my system! Kind of like I did when they were reading me the disclaimer for my wisdom teeth. Apparently I missed the part about permanently losing feeling in half my tongue... For this procedure I keep reminding myself I have had two pregnancies ending in c-sections and a hernia repair without actually fainting. Yay for me! And those things are a lot more involved than this.

Something to look forward to when I got is seeing family and buying a new wardrobe. Apparently I need knew clothes (attached photo).

Something I know I should look forward to but I'm not is leaving my babies at home. They have had sleep overs at the grandmothers' places and I've even went a couple days. But a week of being farther than 30 miles from them is hard. But clothes shopping and having surgery with a 1 and 2 year old is even harder.

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  1. How exciting. I would be very nervous too, though it will be so cool a the surgery. When are you going?