Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Well, I have failed in my blogging reviews. It is so much easier to rant in my head than to type it down. I also blame being pregnant again and moving to a beautiful piece of land...

I have decided to quit Facebook and so, create a blog where people can keep updated on me and mine. I was going to send out news emails but I think that this option will be better. That way anyone wanting to stay in touch can follow this blog. For all you poor souls who stumbled across it there will not be much of interest in here. Some days I may rant and some days it may just be me telling you a bear meandered into my yard and I shot him with my husband's shotgun... And we feasted on bear meat for month (no this did not happen... well the shooting and feasting part.)

So, welcome to my blog. I am terrible at names and am sorry I could not think of anything more clever. I hope to post pictures but probably only after I figure out if there is an app for that on my iphone. I am sure there is.

 Let me bring you up to date. I currently am living on a peaceful hobby farm located only 15 minutes from the bustling city (it really is) of Dawson Creek. I am married to a wonderful man who probably will not be reading this blog so I can say what I want about him. We have one very cute daughter who is 20 months and are expecting our second child no later than February 10 (by c-section so no guessing there). We do not know what we are having yet but plan to find out. That is a whole other post for a whole other day.

I own three horses. Two are Thoroughbreds mares and one is TB/Hanoverian cross gelding. We own two cats, my husband's fat cat, Cleo (she really isn't fat anymore but she'd like to be) and my disturbed cat, Tirzah. We also have a new family member, an Australian Shepherd puppy named Logan (think X-men and think of my other blog... makes sense).

Thanks for dropping by and feel free to stay for as long (or as short) as you like!

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