Saturday, 11 February 2012

My scheduled C-section

I thought I'd share my personal experience with one for anyone who is curious. I'll try to remember what I can but as any new mother can attest life with a newborn can be kind of hazy.

February 6, Monday, 4:30am:

The alarm went off and it was time to get up and ready. I was tired as I hadn't slept overly well due to the fact that I knew I was going to be having a baby and major surgery. The whole thing seemed so surreal still.

Matt and I got ready, I drooled over the smell of his toasted egg sandwich and we headed for the hospital for my c-section. This was unknown territory for me as my first c-section I had no idea I was getting one until I got to the hospital. We got to Maternity at six and met the nurse. She settled us in our room and I got into my gown. I was of course asked a billion questions and repeated information that you get used to giving a hundred times like your last name, birth date and allergies.

The nurse put my iv in and gave me that lovely bitter stuff to drink. My surgery was going to be at 8:30 and so she waited to put in my catheter. That was when things got not so nice. Though the nurse was double checking everything (I even saw her do so) she accidentally put in a latex catheter.  And because I am such a wimp with medical procedures I found myself having trouble adjusting to having one in. It was bothering me and then it started burning. Time passed, the nurse change happened and then when I could stand it no longer I told Matt to go tell the nurses the catheter was feeling worse not better. Matt came back and told me the nurse was checking (she was an older nurse) to see if they put the wrong catheter in. Which was exactly what happened. So the whole time I was telling myself it was in my head my poor body was reacting to latex! Unfortunately, they had to immediately replace the latex one instead of waiting until I had the spinal because of swelling. They were worried they wouldn't be able to get the non-latex one in.

Shortly after the catheter was replaced we headed down to the OR. I was asked by the OR nurse all those same questions again and then we waited not too long and I was taken into surgery to get my spinal, my big fear. I did pretty good until the spinal was taking effect and then I almost passed out. Thankfully, I know what that feels like so they laid me down and I didn't pass out in the Maternity nurse's arms and have a seizure. I made it through that part but then I hyper-ventilated a bit. Matt was brought in and well, I don't remember the next part well as I was not doing so hot. After getting some oxygen and something in my IV I became a little more coherent. My doctor and the gyno/ob came in and the show was got on the road.

I cried when I heard the baby and also when they confirmed it really was a boy. It didn't take long for them to show him to me. He was so tiny and it made both Matt and I so happy to see him healthy and whole. After they cleaned him up they let me hold him while I was receiving my tubal. I was very alert and awake for this so I was glad Matt and I got this time.

Matt, baby, and the maternity nurse left the room and I was taken out shortly after. Instead of being in recovery alone, Matt, baby and the maternity nurse were there. This time around I got to do skin on skin immediately after having the baby and spent the majority of the time in recovery with my new baby and husband. When they did finally leave to take Owen upstairs I only had to stay in recovery for about ten more minutes. That was a lot nicer this time.

Recovery since then has been better I would say. I stayed in the hospital the full three days anyways because once you go home, you go home. Still, it is nice to be home with my little family. Dassa is quite good with her brother and only has the occasional neediness over me doing things with him. I also am enjoying having my husband home for a week.


  1. That's great that you got to have time with your boy while in recovery. I've heard of people who had to wait and was sad for that. I love to hear birth stories so I'm glad you wrote about yours!

  2. Yay! Congratulations. :) I've been wondering how you have been doing. I should have checked here earlier!