Tuesday, 13 March 2012

On my own...

Today is my first full day of just me an my two kidlets. It has just been Owen and I but now I am parenting two kids for a full day. What have I learned?

-they do not sync their nap times and needs in a way that benefits me
-Hadassah thinks Owen and I are boring
-As much as I love anything historical and have always imagined living in by-gone eras I would never have survived.

This last realization came to me as I was loading the dishwasher. I love my dishwasher. I hate loading and emptying it BUT without it I would have been washing the dishes by hand... or letting them pile up until my house was a filthy mess. Unless of course I happened to be a wealthy person then I'd definitely have a servant/slave. Perhaps, I would have been tougher back in the olden days but more than likely I'd have been more exhausted and run into the ground... And that is with just two kids.

On the other hand, I'd probably have died trying to give birth to Hadassah and therefore I'd be dead and not worrying about any of this. So I guess I just happened to be born in the correct era for me. Who know that God knew that?

Things are going well. It looks like my hernia repair surgery will be April 10. As much as I am dreading yet another surgery I am looking forward to it being done.

Owen is currently napping in his stretcher thingy and Hadassah is practicing her art on her magnetic board. It is actually quiet at the moment. That is why I am squeezing in blogging between Owen demanding food or to be held or Hadassah getting into things or demanding attention.

I spoke to soon. The princess is kissing my screen... time to go I guess.

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