Thursday, 1 March 2012

Ready, set, lose weight!

Now that I am done giving birth I really feel I can knuckle down and lose my blubber. After Hadassah I did lose a lot of weight but at the back of my mind I did have that horrid thought of what's the point? No excuses now. So I have been thinking about how I will lose the extra weight. Currently I am just cutting back on the amount I eat. I have three more weeks until I can start exercising and that makes me impatient. By the end of summer I would love to be 135lb. That is my goal anyways and that is about 32lbs. Once I get there I will see how fit I am and how I feel and whether I want to go lower. I fluctuated between 120lbs and 125lbs pre-pregnancies but I'd rather be a bit heavier and a lot more fit. After Hadassah I got down to 140lbs and got stuck when I stopped exercising. So, my weight gain this pregnancy was significantly less.

The funny thin is, I don't think of my self as overweight. Oh if I look at my reflection too long I can get quite depressed but I still imagine myself skinny. Sometimes when I do catch my reflection I don't even recognize the person if the mirror. I don't want the now me to be the norm. And while my stretch marks and extra skin is not going to disappear I would like to be a healthy weight. The biggest place I notice the weight is when I ride (and it is not just because of the not so flattering riding pants!) I don't feel as balanced and I sure find a lot of things a lot harder.

I hope to stay accountable on the weight loss and hopefully don't overeat too much. Why I over eat is not some deep reason it is simply the fact that I love food and no longer have my high metabolism to fall back on. Pregnancy took care of that!


  1. I know what you mean about not thinking of yourself as overweight. In my mind my body is still pre-pregnancy, but it's those mirrors and scales. They tell a different story. Maybe that's why I have a problem losing weight!

  2. I felt I should come back and just clarify that I can't lost weight because I eat too much, haha. It's noone or nothing else's fault but mine.

    And your About Me blurb still lists Owen as unborn. He might be feeling a little put out by that. :-P

  3. I wonder if thinking of yourself as thin when your not is an actual condition. The polar opposite of anorexia.

    I should probably update Owen's status so he doesn't feel injured and need counseling as an adult.