Thursday, 8 November 2012

My best friend

Once again, a close friend of mine has moved away. I hate being left behind. And the knowledge that things will never be the same is hard to accept at first. But I know from experience things will change and you will grow apart. It is a necessary part of life. If the person who leaves holds on too tight they will never move forward with their life but rather be held back by what once they loved.

There is nothing good about being left behind. Everyone around you is the same so suddenly you find yourself without a place to go hang out or without a friend to make plans with. And you also know that when they return to visit they will be too busy visiting immediate family that you will be lucky to get an hour.

I also suck at long distance relationships. It isn't that I forget the person it is usually just that I have so much to say I can't get it all down in an email or phone call. Or I can't fin stationary to write an old fashioned letter (sorry 'bout that)

Losing the two people (one expected on unexpected) I hang out with in the last few months has shaken me. I know I can look at it as some great opportunity to grow closer to God and my little family. In reality at this point I just feel lonely and heartbroken.

On a more cheerful note I got my kitchen wallpaper.

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  1. I miss you, Heidi, and started to cry when you tagged me in your status last night. I can hardly wait to see you over Christmas and I wish we could visit more often now.

    I love you!