Saturday, 3 November 2012

Today I was right.

Let me tell you a little story. Usually when it comes to "discussions" between my darling husband and I, I am wrong. It gets tiring. So when I am right I generally do a little dance and gloat. Normally I keep the gloating and dancing in the privacy of our home but as this time was humerous I am going to share.

We have a tin roof. Because of this when the snow does build up on it it falls off in a giant sheet. This morning due to pouring rain it was beginning to slide. Wet icy snow creeping like a glacier off the roof and towards our truck parked beside the house.

My husband had stepped outside for a moment an so I suggested he move the truck before the snow fell. He of course did not as it wasn't necessary yet. No heated words followed but iI made it clear I thought he was making a mistake and he made it clear I wasn't the boss of him.

He comes inside and minutes later while we are standing beside the window that overlooks our truck a rumble starts an the giant sheet of snow falls on our poor truck, rocking it back and forth, denting it, bending our box cover down and plastering it with the very sludgy snow.

I laughed. I danced. I was not very mature. My husband went outside to move it (still not sure why as there was no snow on that section of roof anymore) and to shovel the snow off it. The dents were pushed out an the box cover bent back. And I got to say "I told you so" and he was fine with me telling the story as he saw how humorous it was.

Only one tiny chunk of snow fell off our roof the rest of the day besides the stretch directly above our truck. Some of you might think I'm being kind of mean but if you yourself rarely are right you understand where I'm coming from.


  1. You're not mean at all, I know exactly how it feels. I would have done a happy dance too.

    And is that the snow hanging over the edge? That is crazy!

  2. I definitely approve your gloating!