Sunday, 15 January 2012

It is late...

It is late and I should be sleeping but I can't. I feel drowsy and comfy at the moment so I don't mind. No aches and pains and no RLS (restless leg syndrome). My husband who is fighting a cold is lightly snoring beside me. If I do decide I can sleep that will have to stop. Baby is churning up a storm inside of me anxious to meet the world. I am anxious to meet him too.

What is he like? Some children are so different and some are very much the same. Will he be rowdy and hyper all the time when he is older or will he like to play with toys like Dassa? I do pray that he has no allergies or tummy trouble. I also hope that he isn't shy because though I have to keep an eye on Dassa at all times I really enjoy how outgoing she is. It makes group settings fun.

There are so many things to wonder about. His weight, his personality and his looks that I don't mind already knowing (or maybe knowing) his gender. I love talking to him and using a name. He is as much a part of my life now as he will be after birth. Of course I can't forget about him. I take him everywhere with me and he is a mover so he likes to let me know he is there... often.

I was told at the last ultra-sound that he is going to be a fair sized baby, even being born at 38 1/2-39 weeks. I don't know how right that is but the Gyno figured he would be about 8lbs to 8lbs 5oz. Hadassah was born at 41 1/2 weeks and weighted 8lbs 2oz and was 22inch. She was born looking like she was, an overdue baby. So if anybody wants to start guessing on weight and length go ahead.

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