Friday, 13 January 2012

A little boast...

Well, as a mother I love to boast about my toddler's accomplishments. While weight gain and athleticism are not something I can boast about I do occasionally have something. (though with me as her mother who expected her to be with her fellow peers in weight gain, or athleticism for that matter?). I can't boast about her speech development either because in one year she has not really learned a lot of words.

I can boast about the fact that she does not spend her day looking to get into things. Something she did not inherit from me. And I can boast that besides more attitude than 21lbs should have she is quite obedient. Still hasn't got out of her toddler bed without me in the room! I can boast about her cuteness (I'd also like to take credit for this specially since Daddy can't protest!). And I can boast about her fine motor skills and the fact she often puts her toys away without me even telling her too.

But that it not what I want to boast about today. Today I want to boast about her drawing skills. Yes, my daughter is an artist in the making. I'll be honest, I don't know what "they" say she should be able to draw but I do know to me she seems quite skilled. She also holds a pen correctly. Since Christmas and buying her skinny pipsqueeks by Crayola and a magnetic board she has really developed this skill. She tries to colour certain parts of her colouring page and she spends a lot of her time sitting with her drawing board on her lap.

Now I know she is a toddler, not even quite two and that this could all change tomorrow. But today, today I boast.


  1. Aw! So cute! That is amazing that she doesn't get out of bed. Livi is still in her crib, but I'm hoping to transition her out soon. I'm kind of scared of that though.

  2. Great job Dassa! Very talented : )

  3. She must get that artistic ability from her Auntie Jesse... right?

  4. Wow she is doing as good as I could for drawing at 27 :)

  5. Lol, I don't know about her Auntie Jesse but maybe her Fairy Godmother granted her the gift of art. Thanks everybody for reading my brag. She definitely is artsy!