Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Beautiful Lights...

My husband and I got home late tonight from our trip to Grande Prairie. We headed out after he got off work to look at a quad. We bought it (so excited) and came home. The Northern Lights were spectacular and as the clouds cleared away the better our view was! When we arrived at our little farm we stood on our lawn and looked up at the right to the very top of the sky and enjoyed the peace and beauty of being on this wonderful piece of property. I came in wanting to share this but before doing that I checked out horse a forum that I frequent.

Recently a member on the forum passed away. She was a mother of two young girls and it has been sad even though I only knew her as an internet person. From what was said without details it appeared to be a sudden tragic death so one assumes car accident. Apparently it actually had been thought to be a horse riding accident that actually turned out to be a brain aneurysm. The whole thing has left me with such a sad feeling that I wonder how exactly a life a didn't know passing can affect me so much.

It is simply really. The knowledge that someone was here, full of life, counted on by many and then, in one small moment of time is gone from the earth is really truly hard to accept. You realize in these moments how much you need to trust and put your faith in God even more because without him what do you have? I understand for some eternity does not bring any comfort. The question and worry whether they will live forever or somehow not pass into heaven. For those people they often give up on the idea of no eternal life and instead embrace all we have is here and now. For me that sort of thinking brings no comfort at all.

I would much rather believe that should I die suddenly and leave my family to live on without me, God will continue to care for them. That I will go to be with him and Heaven and that my family with have the peace knowing that, though they miss me, I am truly in that "better place". I want them to have that comfort.

But it is late and I am afraid my heart is too full. Fully of the beauty of God's nature and of the frailty of our life on earth. I think I better head to bed!

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