Sunday, 16 October 2011


Well, so much for blogging on the trip. Way too late of nights! Thankfully besides yesterday our mornings started at around 9 or later.  Have I ever mentioned how much I appreciate having a child that sleeps in?

Here is the trip


I know I already blogged this day but I forgot to mention on really big highlight of the day. We went to "elements on the fall" restaurant for our lunch and it was fantastic. Our table was right beside the fall and the food was presented so pretty on our plates with fresh fruit for garnish. Which was good for Hadassah! We also enjoyed an amazing Spinach and Artichoke dip with Asiago cheese and flatbread. Mmmm... If you ever go you must try to go there. But make a reservation. If you do they will try to get you a window seat. Website

Day 3

we finished up our Adventure Pass by going to The White Water Walk along class 6 rapids. We headed to Toronto then and stopped at a little Italian Restaurant called Diverso by Ferraro. We went to Casa Loma next. It is a castle like mansion full of extravagant finishes and has an unbelievably high tower it in.  We lost a lot of weight walking around that place. We didn't have a lot of time to explore but we did manage to see everything though not listen to all the audio tours. The grounds were lovely and I wouldn't mind going back just to sit in them for a while and gather inspiration.

We found a parking lot near the CN Tower and walked down to Lake Ontario. We then headed to the Tower for our fine dining experience in the 360 Restaurant. Loved it. I had purchased two meals through Airmiles for Matt and I. We got a bowl of Borsch, my first time ever having it, bread and butter, tender, tender chicken with beans and potatoes and then a heavenly chocolate mousse desert. Combined with the vivid lights of Toronto below us as we slowly turned it was worth every Airmile point spent!  Hedy pruchased her own meal and quite enjoyed her steak and choice of desert. It was quite late by the time we got back to our hotel but definitely worth it.

Day 4
Gone was the hot, good weather. It was still warm but rainy! We went to the Butterfly Conservatory and the Bird Aviary in the morning then ate leftovers at our hotel for lunch. Matt wasn't feeling well so we just stayed there for a while until evening and then went to Clifton Hill to ride on the Sky Wheel, do a mirror maze and check out the Wax Museum. We had a light supper at TGI Fridays and then went back to the hotel for bed.

Day 5
This was the only day we got up early. My sleepy roommates weren't stirring so I finally poked Dassa until she woke up. Then everyone decided it was time to get up. And a good thing to as on our way to the Toronto Zoo an accident happened just moments before us up the road. After a short time waiting we decided to be brave and find a way around the accident. Which we were thankful for when we found out it had shut the highway down for hours! We made it to Toronto Zoo and had a wonderful day there. It was cooler but not cold and never got any of the promised rain thankfully. The zoo grounds are beautiful and the falls colours were in their full glory. In the short time we had we managed to see most of the zoo and did a lot of walking.

We then headed to Medieval Times. Matt and I have been before in Orlando but this was Hedy's and of course Dassa's first visit. Okay, I'll admit it, this was my fourth time. Because I had found a good discount ticket I splurged for us to have the VIP seating so we were right in front. Hadassah enjoyed most of it and for a 2 hr show was really quite good. She had a few temper moments like when I wouldn't let her down to go see the horses or let her throw my food or let her bang me with the cheering banner we had.... I know, I am so mean. But her fits were always short lived and quickly forgotten. I am slightly concerned that her favorite parts were the fighting and other tense moments. This was another late night but well worth it.

Day 6
Our relaxing day. We got up slowly, got ready slowly and then headed to The Secret Garden Restaurant. It wasn't bad but it and TGI fridays were definitely our meh dining experiences. We then when to Fallsview Waterpark. I had a pregnancy meltdown in the changeroom. Before we left I found out the shorts to my swimming suit didn't fit so I grabbed the swimsuit I had used during my pregnancy with Hadassah. But, I am apparently not as large in the chest and of course everything sags down now. I looked awful and if you have ever been pregnant you know that once in a while you just need to fall apart. Poor Hubby tried to help by searching for safety pins and only coming up with elastics. He then tried to send his mother in... Apparently he is clueless and has not learned that when your wife is a bawling mess, threatening to spend to whole time in the change room the MIL is not someone she wants to see. So ashamedly I sent her from the room. She understood as a fellow woman and as she is truly a wonderful person. Finally, after I got control of myself, we decided I should just wear my tank top over the offending bathing suit... And honestly, I forgot about it shortly after and did have a good time. Dassa loves the water and they had a little kiddy slide that she loved. She was so proud of herself when he learned she culd climb the stairs and go down it all by herself. MIL and Hubby are not as laid back as me and I think sometimes I really test them when I allow my daughter to do these things on her own... or let her go under the water before helping her stand up. At five we finally called it a day even though Dassa was not ready to go. But her screeching for the water and slides was quickly forgotten as usual.

We dined at Napoli's italian resteraunt. It was our last hurray and fabulous. We enjoyed every bite and if you ever go to Niagara Falls you must go there if you enjoy Italian food. It is an authentic Italian restaurant and definitely worth checking out. I would have ate there a few more times if it hadn't been our last night there.

Day 7

We got up at 3:00 Toronto time, drove to Toronto, flew out at 7:30 and then landed 3.5hrs later at 9:00 Alberta time. We hopped in our van, drove to Ikea for breakfast and to pick up Dassa's toddler bed (Which is indefinitely out of stock!) and then headed on home. We got into Dawson around five our time and I went to bed at 7:00 as I couldn't keep my eyes open one moment longer. But everyone was home safe, sound and happy so all and all it was a fun and wonderful trip.

Today I am just recovering and doing laundry!

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  1. Sounds like a great trip! So glad you had a good time.