Saturday, 1 October 2011

"insert something witty, clever or profound here"

I hate coming up with titles. In fact, I despise it. When I spent time writing stories my least favorite part was coming up with a title. Some people seem to have a gift for it. In fact, I considered stealing a friend's idea (but changed slightly) as all her titles are interesting and follow a theme. But, I decided as she does read this blog she might notice. And you other two friends who also read these blog would notice.

I do have many things to blog about besides the unimaginative titles to my blog posts but I am still forced to using my iPhone thanks to incompetent country Internet (thank-you Internet provider for going down right before the weekend) but I suppose I can't complain. A Year ago I did not have this handy little tool that allows me online so long as I have cell service.

So now that I have talked about two random topics I will talk about something a little deeper.

Today I attended a funeral for my great-uncle and also grandfather to a close friend. We knew he was dying and we were so thankful he made his peace with God and yet it still is sad to say good-bye. Looking at the little programy thing was sad for me for another reason. There on the list of predeceased siblings was my own grandmother. As time passes a lot of her siblings have passed away and each time it is a reminder of losing her for me. You see besides her brother who died during WWII my grandma was the first to pass away. She was not the oldest and I remember feeling how unfair it was. Since then more have passed as is inevitable as we grow older. Some to cancer and some to plain old age. And yet there is so much to be thankful for. She was in a family of 15 children and they all stayed surprisingly close despite the number of kids. I do feel for those left behind though as I think they can't help but wonder who among them will depart this world next. It is such a reminder to me what it must be like to be growin older and watching your generation pass around you. It is really a morbid thought but after such a day it can't be helped. Death is a large part of life.

That is why I am thankful I have a hope in an eternal life. If this was it I am afraid I would despair. Everything must come to an end. But today, I saw what was one man's end was really just the beginning to his eternal life. Today he is in Heaven and is seeing his sister, my Grandma, and fellowshipping again.

And I can only imagine her words to him are something of the sort: "Glenny, you just got in by the skin of your teeth but it is sure good to see you here."


  1. I'm sorry for your family's loss. It is harder watching those you love get older. But you are right, the hope of Heaven is such a great comfort. I too would probably despair if I didn't have that hope.

    I laughed at the last sentence, hearing your grandma's voice saying that.

  2. I agree with Erica. I can so hear your grandma saying that very thing.