Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Epilator!

So the title tells all. Unless of course you don't know what an Epilator is...  and now that you have read my handy link you know. Don't you feel smarter?

I decided after an evening of my leg hair regrowth torturing me with itching that I needed to google some help on the subject. It seemed that as dryness and irritation due to the shaving lotion was already ruled out for me I should try waxing or epilating. I've tried waxing and DYI was so annoying and messy I decided never to do it again. And I can't even imagine what salons charge up here if my eyebrows now cost $30!

So, epilation it was. The only problem was that the epilator at walmart was $74.99. I was not going to pay that to try it out. While on our trip I came across the smaller version for $54.99 and decided to buy it. And yesterday I used it for the first time.


Actually, I am totally joking. It hardly hurt at all. In fact I kind of wanted to try my bikini line and armpits too but decided I was getting a little hair ripping out crazy and just stuck with the legs. I don't know yet if it is an improvement on shaving. I don't think I will know for a little while yet. I am supposed to epilate once a week to start with. As it didn't take long I don't mind that idea. There were a few sensitive areas on my skin but that could also be due to the sores from scratching (totally disregarded the warning about not doing it on broken skin or consulting a doctor if pregnant. Frankly, I am sick of these companies telling pregnant woman to constantly consult a doctor. Umm, I'm pretty sure I'll be fine, but thanks for covering your butts.

So that is my story for today. I survived epilation and plan to continue doing it and see if the results are better than those from shaving.

In other news my OB/GYN is back in 10 days and then I can make the appointment to find out a little bit more about this person inside me.


  1. The Wikipedia aritcle and picture scared me. You are way braver than me because I don't think that I would ever try that. But I was a wimp and didn't even finish waxing my legs that one time And also, waxing prices nowadays scare me too. I don't like to do it myself, something about inflicting pain, but I get Mark to do my chin and Crys to do my eyebrows. Besides, I have tried a few places down here, and they never seem to do a good job anyways.

  2. I almost couldn't touch it to my skin but I did it. Because of my legs feeling irratated from shaving it actually felt good.