Thursday, 6 October 2011

Busy avoiding a poopy bum.

A few months ago my darling daughter pooped in potty. She would sit and poop and sometimes pee in her potty then put her arms out that she was done. We then cheered and clapped over her accomplishment. (ah, to be young and bowel movements in the toilet be "cute"). Then she got sick and we lost the toilet training we are working on. In fact, if she is having trouble pooping all I have to do is put her on the toilet and voila, she poops after I take her off and get her diaper back on.

Now, I am not worried. My daughter isn't even two yet. But for quite a few months I rarely had to change those vile toddler poops. I got spoiled. But children don't always do what we want. And sometimes, I find for myself at least, I think they purposefully do the opposite of what we want. While this can be true... it isn't always. Yes, kid's are smarter than we often give them credit for but I know, as a reasonable adult, that my child doesn't poop her diaper just because mommy has to change her then.

What an interesting post this is after not blogging for a time.  Once again, I planned for my blog to be deep and meaningful, even profound. Instead I talk about my daughter's poopy bum.  And enough talk, time to deal with it.

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