Sunday, 9 October 2011

Everyone loves Marineland!

... except for the protestors we drove past to get in. Yes, we ignored them and went anyways. At the gate we were met with Marineland employees who gave us brochures on why the animals are not in torment... but let's start at the beginning.

We arrived in Niagara falls at 2am Toronto time. Hadassah traveled like a pro. I didn't even have to resort to cracking open her 'trunkie' to occupy her. And she also slept for an hour or so during air turbulence.

Today she continued on in her superstar behaviour. As I mentioned we went to Marineland, We ate a picnic lunch first thing and then headed to see the attractions and animals. I was proud of my MIL who went on the Sky Screamer with Hubby. She is one brave senior (she got the senior rate at Marinland so for today she was a Senior.

Hadassah was able to go on a few kiddies rides. This was great because the midway at the fall fair in town does not let the kids on any rides if they are under 36'. For my 30" daughter it is going to be a while before she gets to experience those rides. There was even a kid's roller coaster she could go on. Which the little speed junkie loved! When my photos are uploaded I will get pictures on here.

Dassa's other favourite was the underwater viewing areas. She loved watching the Belugas swim about. It was definitely worth bringing her and sharing this experience with her. Just because she won't remember doesn't mean we won't and it doesn't mean she didn't thoroughly enjoy it.

After Marineland the toddler had her only nap of the day for 1/2hr in the car and then we went to the Rainforest Cafe for supper. I love eating there and apparently so does my daughter because she polished off a lot of food! We walked to the falls to see it lit up at night and then headed to the Guinness World Book of Records Museum. Now we are in bed ready for a good night's sleep and hopefully as wonderful tomorrow as today.

Did I mention that today it was in the high twenties? Yes, that is right. Hot and wonderful. A last taste of sunshine before winter. Yes, I said winter.

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