Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The better decision

Sometimes it seems that the more going on in my life the less I have time to share it. I have mentally started many posts over the last weekend but never actually got any of them down. Friday a young girl and her family came to look at Connie. I don't know if I mentioned it before but I was contacted about her through an ad I forgot was still up. I had no plans to sell her since buying our farm but this young girl was everything I had hoped for in a new owner. 14, ready to graduate from her pony and wanting to jump. I really didn't expect much as many people before when I were selling were far more interested in Lass who is pretty as opposed to Connie who isn't as stunning but trained. People can be so stupid and that is a whole other rant but seriously, put your child on a trained horse not just a pretty one. Pretty does not mean safe or even for that matter anything in jumping...

Anyhows, the girl turned out to be a very confident rider and did fabulous on Connie. And I had this knowing that they would be buying her. On Sunday they offered me a low offer which I refused. Monday they paid what I was asking but including tax. I hung up the phone and cried and my mom hugged me. I feel good that she is going somewhere she will be loved and ridden a lot more than I have time for but it still hurts. I prayed about this a lot and I knew that for Connie this was the best decision. She is the the type of horse that thrives under attention. And while I doubt she has been complaining about being a pasture pet she came to life with the young girl out riding her in a field.

Friday they pick her up. Friday I say goodbye. But what hurts the most is I won't even be able to take a farewell ride on her. A tight hug will have to do.

I think I need to go cry. I will blog the rest of my weekend later.


  1. Geneva think that Connie is sad a little too. "Her head is down in that picture, so i think she is sad a little too." Thats what she said. I'm sure that Connie will miss you too Heidi, you are a good owner!

  2. That is a hard decision to make. Giving you mental hugs from here.