Tuesday, 13 December 2011


First off, I would like everyone to pray for my friend Ashley Bakke. Her nephew was in a serious car accident. Her blog is here http://rucamosgirl.wordpress.com/2011/12/13/i-love-this-boy/
I can't make the link things on my phone and I am feeling too lazy to open my computer.

Today I was icky and tired. Not terrible but I did hardly anything. Which means, unfortunately, my daughter watched a lot of tv. She watched tv this morning when I just wanted to snuggle with her on the couch. She watched tv after her nap when I had to let my horses in to eat. And she watched tv while I cooked supper (my one and only accomplishment today)

Days like today I feel I am a bad mother. I try not to rely on the tv and I do quite well for a time and then it is just so easy. I usually put it in when I go outside and make dinner but that is it. Even that makes me feel guilty.

I did, however feel very accomplished over my supper. It has been hard trying to cook with Dassa's allergies. Sometimes I just don't want to. Thankfully since finding that our health food store does carry Earth Balance I was able to buy their soy free vegan butter. Having a butter replacement is huge because for some things oil or Lard just do not substitute in well. I am learning though to look at a recipe and think of how I can make it soy and dairy free. Supper tonight was baked Basa fish, steamed dill carrots and basmati rice. Hadassah loved the fish and rice (topped with my mom's dairy free, homemade ranch dressing) but I had to make her eat her carrot. She is getting better. She only had angry tears with the first bite!

One upside to this cooking is most things are a lot less fattening. This is an upside for Matt and I of course. Dassa could use a little more fat.

The fish was easy to prepare. I placed two basa filets in a casserole dish that was greased with Safeway brand canola oil pan spray (PAM is with soy). I then drizzled lemon juice over the top so that there was just a thin layer lying in the dish. I drizzled melted Dassa butter over the top (about a tbs) and them sprinkled dried parsley flakes and pepper over that. I added chopped fresh garlic to the top of the fish as well (four cloves). It cooked at 375 F for 30 minutes and was done. Tasted pretty good!

I do enjoy when a meal turn out!

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  1. It looks so good Heidi! Vienna is going through a thing where she will not eat certain things, like carrots. Its really hard forcing it down her, for her then to spit it out!