Thursday, 1 December 2011

Here I sit to blog a bit...

With only my darkened Christmas tree and unborn child for company. Pets are outside, husband is at work, daughter is at Grandma's farm and the power is out. The nasty high winds have taken their toll at last and BCHydro is saying no power until 1am. I'm just glad town is still on because Matt and I planned to go out for supper. Otherwise I'd be cooking on the wood stove.

Had my ultra sound today to check Baby's foot. All is well and we also got a cute picture of his profile. I wasn't worried about it but I'm still glad that it is done. Not as glad as I am that my Rhogam shot is done.

I also found a lot of foods for Dassa at the health food store. Coconut ice cream and my missing ingredients to make her her soy and milk free spinach and artichoke dip. I will post the recipe if it turns out to be yummy.

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  1. Cute little guy you got there!! Glad to hear the foot is ok! I just read on FB about a tree falling on someone's truck there because of the wind, crazy!

    Did the sex get confirmed by this one?