Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Phenomenom of Pregnant Bellies

Pregnant bellies are really an entity onto themselves. Well, I know that the baby inside is an entity but that shape of a belly. It gets you looks, it gets you seats, it gets you a break. Sometimes it can apparently get complete stranger's touching you. I have never had this happen to myself but I hear it is a common pregnancy complaint.

 Now, I could tell you all about the little person inside my belly and how he is constantly on the go. But no, this post is inspired by another problem my belly poses. It refuses to remain covered. I am not sure if this is a problem others have had when pregnant but for me it is constant. I pull my maternity pants up and my shirt down and over time of be not paying attention I notice my belly is getting cold... and I go through the process again. The only way I can escape this is by wearing my Roxy shirts that hang down below by bottom. Thankfully those have not decided to ride up.

On this very serious vein, I have changed my mind about what we are naming our son. It occurred during watching Cranford last Friday night. The name is Septimus. Well, everyone decided why stop there? Why not call him the whole thing: Lord Septimus. Awesome? Yes, I think so. I mean, who would tease a little guy called Lord Septimus Eugene Klysko? For some reason Matt is balking at my idea...


  1. Septimus.......sounds kinda like Optimus.....Prime : )

  2. I would definitely go with Septimus!