Sunday, 6 November 2011

Another sad day.

Though this time my own life was not affected. Hickstead, gold winning horse for Canada at the 2008 Olympics, died after jumping in Italy. On his way out he collapsed in what appeared to be a heart attack. I love watching this little horse jump and have seen him in real life jumping. I imagine his rider, Eric Lamaze, is quite stricken. Their partnership is not something that happens every day and Hickstead in 2009 took Lamaze to the #1 spot in the world. It is a huge loss for Canada because Hickstead is part of the team that given Canada the edge in international show jumping. We will see how they hold up next year at the 2012 Olympics.

On a happier note our furnace is running thanks to my wonderful father. We have not had to hand over anymore large amounts of cash. The propane bill was also less then quoted which is always nice. Dassa is still not feeling well but much improved. And in a week and a half I have another ultrasound as I am having a scheduled c-section and they like to make sure they have the right dates scheduled. The bonus is it means Matt and I get to learn a little more about the little person inside of me. My guess is a girl. My mom thinks boy. Matt is without opinion. What is your guess?

The link to my album has been fixed. Apparently, google defaults albums to be private. Everyone should be able to see the pictures now.


  1. I can't believe Hickstead died. That is terrible. But I am glad to hear somethings are looking up. I haven't been in town for a while but I think it is time visit. Take care and I hope Dassa keeps getting better.

  2. I'm glad the link works now. I loved your pictures, looks like a lot of fun.