Monday, 14 November 2011

Arriving home.

Today I came home after being gone since yesterday morning. I came home to a house in better shape than I left it. The stuff piled in the entry was put away, the carpet's were vacuumed, and the laundry was finished and put away. Even the bed was made neatly. I know that I am blessed with the best husband ever but times like these really remind me how much that is true.

About five minutes later I was yelling at him in frustration (he wasn't actually here) because I could not get the lid off the mayo jar. Once again I am reminded of how much we (or at least I) love to dwell on the negative. My husband had did far beyond what was necessary and yet one tiny little thing caused me to forget it and want to through a jar at his head. Let's just say I felt very convicted and did not mention the mayo jar when he got home but rather told him how glad I was to have all the stuff out of the entry and a tidy house. I also baked him brownies...

Okay, okay, the brownies were backed yesterday with a young friend and they were more for our sweet tooth than kindness towards everyone else. But I shared the brownies and that is saying a lot because they are quite good (thank you, Erica).

Which leads me to another interesting observation, though perhaps far less deep, that I have had recently. Remember how I said I was doing better weight wise this time around even though I started the pregnancy heavier? Well, I have recently discovered I am having a craving. During my pregnancy with Dassa I lost my taste for chocolate and ice cream. Something I didn't really get back until now. Now I love chocolate and ice cream. Pictures of chocolate cake make me desperate to for a piece. So I have decided that chocolate and ice cream are not as fattening as chili dogs and gravy, my Hadassah cravings. Or perhaps I just eat less of the sweet stuff.

Still haven't had many guesses on the baby. Two days until we find out so get your guesses in!


  1. I am with your mom and hoping for a boy!!! They are quite fun!

  2. I would love to say a boy, but part of me does think it will be a girl!