Saturday, 26 November 2011

Merry Christmas

Yes, my tree is up! And Hadassah woke up from her nap and had one word, wow. She loves it and has just finished feeding her play cupcake to the ornaments within reach. I guess they were looking hungry. Star isn't up yet as I thought safer for Matt to do it than me. I had visions of the belly causing me to lose balance and crashing into the tree.

This little post is being made from my phone because of something that happened yesterday morning. It involved cereal milk and my laptop. Don't worry, Panoramix (my MacBook) is going to live. I got the battery out before it fried and delivered it to my husband who was having a slow day at work. There are many benefits to being married to a computer tech. The big news in this is I didn't even cry. And if there was ever a time to cry over spilled milk this would have been it. While my computer thoroughly dries I decided to take the time to download the Blogger app. Which by the ways took under a minute to find and download... The things we procrastinate on.

Sleepover was great fun last night. Oil fondue was good (how can it ever be otherwise). Chocolate suited my cravings (I may have just eaten chocolate of a spoon). Cranford was delightful for the third time though I really need to see Return to Cranford.

Yay! Three days without whining!


  1. I love your tree!!! I put mine up yesterday!

  2. Beautiful! You'll have to keep us updated on whether Hadassah is tempted to touch it and take things down. Or is she that kind of kid? I'm too scared to put up my tree now, I'm waiting until the week before Christmas.