Tuesday, 29 November 2011

More tests...

Today I went to my family doctor to discuss Hadassah's allergies. He actually hadn't received those from the pediatrician yet but he did have her Insulin-like Growth Factor results back. I have no idea what that is and even googling it has not made me understand more. But what I did get was my family doctor and Hadassah's pediatrician would be discussing tests to do on this.

As to the allergies he recommended we try putting the cats out and see how she does. If we notice a big change in her then they stay out. If when we reintroduce them and she doesn't show signs of discomfort than no worries. He also suggested checking out the more hypo-allergenic breeds. So my two kitties days are numbered in the house. I'm sure they will not be impressed but they better be glad. They could be going to the SPCA.

If everyone could pray for Hadassah to have a complete healing of everything that would be great. Also, please pray for the babies foot that if it is gimpy it will be healed as well. Thursday is the ultra-sound for that. And I get my RhoGAM® shot. Always fun to have a needle in the butt.

On the up side my mom is taking my sweet toddler for the day and night so Matt and I can go to Lodge night and enjoy half priced appies.  Mmmmm...  appies.

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  1. Will definitely keep praying. Enjoy your appies!