Thursday, 3 November 2011

Well it did snow...

This morning my husband informed me there was a skiff of snow on the ground. He has been very much wanting to use our new quad and blade and push some snow and I think he was excited that it just maybe the start of winter. After all it is afternoon and the skiff of snow is still here. The snow made me smile. The $1000 vet bill did not.

As a pet owner you always have to think about how much you'll spend on your pet before you say enough is enough. It is never that easy though. You see, Logan was in terrible distress and so I took him in yesterday to be checked out. By the time it showed his stomach had a mass in it form the x-rays I had already spent $400 on tests. add that on top of the $400 we paid for him and you got yourself an $800 dog. So not only have you had this puppy for couple months and put time, love and training into it (not to mention my daughter adores him) but you are looking at loosing $800 more. But his surgery could have been very expensive. Thankfully it wasn't so bad and it turned out the mass was only blood. He had already puked up whatever it was he ate. So, the surgery would have been pointless except I was able to get him neutered at the same time. A silver lining I guess. Still, now if anything happens to him further we will be thinking "that is a $1,200 dog." I just pray he stays out of trouble.

Have I ever mentioned how much I like cats?


  1. We had a tiny bit of snow today too! But it didn't amount to anything worth mentioning, so forget I said this!

    We don't have pets, but I have debated the same thing, how much is too much? In theory I can be firm, but I think that if it came to it, I would be a big softie and would give in to the bills.

  2. Sigh... I want snow... and I want to sit curled up with you watching period dramas while it snows outside... wouldn't that be lovely?

  3. Erica- our snow really wasn't worth mentioning either. It looked more like a thick frost. The -20 this morning was more notable but now it is supposed to warm back up to above zero again. And as for the pets, it is hard when just to find out what is wrong is so much money. Once you start spending you think of the money you've already put in and it all being a waste if you put the animal down. I think if you don't want to spend money on a pet don't take them to the vet in the first place!

    Chronicler- I could go for that! I have a nice fire going in the wood stove right now that would add perfect ambiance to the date.

  4. -20! I am having a hard time accepting the fact that summer is gone and winter is pretty close to here. Why can't summer stay forever?!