Thursday, 24 November 2011

A better day

I thought I better post an uplifting topic as I have been a little bit of a downer lately. Thank you everyone for your prayers. They have been felt. Today was a good day. Dassa ate better and was herself. She even had hummus for a snack. She threw a fit over supper but then did eat some of it. I also got a lot down. I made a stew for supper and did the laundry. I also did some organizing and house cleaning as well. And my daily walk to the barnyard to let my horses in to eat was down in much nicer weather. All in all, it was a nice break.

Tomorrow is a girl's night at my mom's which I am super excited about. Sometimes I feel like those sort of things are long ago in the past. But I brought it up to mom and she agreed we were due for one. We will be watching Cranford, having an oil and chocolate fondue and then a sleepover. Jealous? You should be!

And to show you what a good wife I am I even arranged fun for my husband. It all started when I accidentally texted a friend of his a message meant for Hubby. Not one of those messages. I realized right away that I had told my husband's friend that he had forgot his lunch. We got chatting and it came up that he should come over to hang out Friday night because the squirt and I would be gone and Matt would be all alone. It is nice, I don't even have to feel guilty for having fun and being social while my poor husband is at home, friendless.

So you see, nothing negative to report here. And I promise to try very hard to be more uplifting in the future!


  1. Don't feel bad about sharing negative stuff. What are friends for, if not to spill all our woes out. As long as there is a little happiness somewhere it's all good. And your girl is just sweet to hear and see.

    Totally jealous of your girls night. I wish I could be there. If any one builds a teleporter within the next day, I will make it...

  2. The girls night sounds like great fun! Wish we could be there!