Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Revenge of the Epilator

so, second post, I know but I wanted to give an update on epilating. I didn't epilate last week because there was just no growth there (so one point in favour of epilation) and there was still very little today but I went ahead and did it. was fairly swift and only a few slightly tender spots where I am still healing from rashes. I was impressed that for me I did see diminished hair growth and experienced less pain so swiftly. As far as itching goes I don't know yet if it is an improvement. I will need more time so that my legs can heal (so I am really resisting the urge to itch... which probably helps more than the epilating) I also think I should try so exfoliating cream...

The negative part? I razor burnt my one armpit epilating. Now I have done that shaving before so this is no final word on whether or not I will epilate my armpits again. I think they will show if it does hurt less over time because let me tell you. Armpits hurt a lot more than legs! I also did this in front of my husband so that he could understand the pain us women go through... and I offered to let him try the epilator out but he passed.  Wuss.

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