Sunday, 20 November 2011

Big girl bed

Tonight is Hadassah's first night in a toddler bed. Today we picked her up the Disney Princess Canopy bed from walmart. She cried but that isn't uncommon for her. She often cries at bedtime. After getting out twice she has remained put for 45 minutes. Hopefully it goes smoothly tonight but I can tell you I am filled with all sorts of doubts. I hear her chatting away in her room (as she usually does) but I really want to go and peek in on her but I am controlling myself.

I find that these big steps in parenting for me are filled with so much doubt. Everyone has a different opinion on when a child is read for this or that. Of course many people admit each child is unique and you as the parent will "know".  It is that knowing that I struggle with. Is Hadassah old enough for a toddler bed? Is Hadassah old enough to know she has to eat the food she doesn't like? Is she old enough not to know she shouldn't suck her thumb? Everyone will have a different opinion on it but you as a the parent make the decision for your child. It is the decision making that I struggle with. The guilt that I am asking too much or too little. The knowledge that as a parent I am going to make (and have made) mistakes troubles me.

But for now, Dassa is safe and sound in her bed (I hope) and I am ready for my own bed. The decision to put her in a toddler bed is made (and to avoid the change happening when Baby is ready for to graduate from the bassinet). Now let us see if I can actually get sleep tonight.

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  1. She looks adorable in there! I, too, struggle with all these decisions thrown at us parents. Constant second-guessing. I hope she does well in the transition to the bed. I remember when we switched Madi, she fell asleep on the floor almost every night for awhile.