Wednesday, 2 November 2011

When it rains it snows

or something like that. Not that I would mind snow. In fact, I like snow. During the winter that is. Snow in June can stay away.

Today I have accomplished very little. I did upload photos from our Niagara Falls trip if anyone is interested in taking a boo. My daughter is still not feeling well or at least that is what I hope it is as she is miserable. I am also miserable and have deiced that she must eat something healthy and so she ate two bites of ribs for lunch and that was it. No potatoes and no carrots.

It is very hard for me to not feed her. Specially since she is on a schedule. She has to gain two pounds by the time the baby comes so that she can ride forward facing as her car seat and the infant car seat do not fit well both rear facing. This may not seem like a lot. Surely she should be 20lbs by the time she is 2 but she was 18lbs a month ago so I do have grounds for concern. I suppose I could allow her to have her choice of diet. Pop, chocolate, Pizza, cheese, and all that other fattening stuff. But I do really and truly want her to have a semi-healthy diet.

On top of this annoyance of dealing with an underweight picky eater I have a sick puppy on my hands. Tomorrow he goes to the vet but in the meantime I have to deal with doggie vomit.  Yuck, I have a weak stomach and this is not enjoyable.

At least tonight is my night out to watch a movie at a friends place. My husband can deal with the volatile child and sick dog and I can have a few hours respite. And at least he will be spared dealing with the volatile, pregnant wife.

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